AK SAVUNMA was built in Ankara on August 1st, 2017 to carry on its bussines in the small arms ammunition industry with the slogan “A Hundred Percent Native, A Hundred Percent National”. AK SAVUNMA started its foundation activity on a total area of 12.500 square meters including an indoor area of 7.600 square meters in Ankara, Elmadag, Turkey.


AK SAVUNMA aims to provide continuous improvement and development by taking into account customer requirements and by applying quality standards carefully. AK SAVUNMA firstly started to manufacture 9mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm Brass Cups for Brass Cases and FMJ Bullets.


AK SAVUNMA obtained Establishment License, Facility Security Clearance Certificate (NATO / National), and Manufacturing Permit Certificate which is given by The Ministry of Defence. AK SAVUNMA started to produce 9 x 19 mm cases and projectiles for small arms ammunition with mass production in compliance with the Manufacturing Permit Certificate issued by The Ministry of Defence. 


AK SAVUNMA plans to supply raw materials, semi-finished goods, machines, molds and spare parts from the local market in its investments. AK SAVUNMA intends to support the formation and development of the local defense industry with this vision.


AK SAVUNMA, in conformity with the philosophy of just-in-time production, aims to become a long-term supplier by delivering products with desired quality in very short lead times, and by providing technical support and consultancy service to its customers.